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Since 2018 Perspectives On Social Justice, doing business as Perspectives Farms and Gardens has partners with a number of both urban and rural farmers engaging a three part focus to: 

#1 Eradicate food security by creating awareness of community resources through our education platform.

#2 Providing administrative support and guidance to new and existing farmers

#3 Learn and develop a hands on skill set on both urban and rural farming through our partnerships with the Atlanta Food Forest, Virginia’s Botanical Bites & Provisions and South Carolina’s Morning Glory Homestead.


Each week, our staff and interns commit 8 hours of their time to the Atlanta Food Forest at Browns Mill Community Garden and at least one rural farmer by working hands on in garden and farm operations.

Our goal for 2023 thru 2025 is to expand the scope of our work through our SJC4K creating awareness and action planning in the areas of food, climate and addressing the environmental justice issues facing our communities.

You can join us by visiting our website and signing on to be a part of our Director’s Guild.

We look forward to working with you to give both the world and the next generation a voice!

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